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About Rasheed Ogunlaru

Rasheed Ogunlaru is a leading life coach, motivational speaker & business / corporate coach. His clients include entertainers, entrepreneurs, Chief Executives, healers, high achievers, organisations & individuals. He is author of inspiring range of books and downloads - including Soul Trader. He is a compelling public speaker and regularly appears in the media. His unique ‘become who you are’ approach helps people of all backgrounds find fulfilment in all areas of their lives, careers and relationships - from within.

Progress in 2017 | New FREE webinar now | now live

Our latest FREE webinar is now live. You can view it on the video above - or here on on webinar page where you can also watch previous webinars. In this practical and motivational talk, Rasheed Ogunlaru, author of Soul Trader helps you to: Take stock of where you are now Focus on your personal [...]

What does wellbeing and life balance mean to you?

One of the biggest challenges being your own boss is life balance. The fact is that there are always things that you could be doing or that you feel that you should be doing. But without that time for you, your health, your own life and relationships then everything can come crashing down. Questions: * [...]

Happy New Year 2017

As the New Year begins our first podcast "Happy New Year" explores those three powerful words: Happy: What is happiness? How do you achieve it? And what is happiness and fulfilment to you? New: What needs a new approach: your mindset, your life balance, your marketing, your approach to business? Year: What's the presence of mind, the [...]

Your 10 Min Business Review: 2016 & You

So here we are heading into the final days of the year. Before you shut up shop and relax (or get ready for your most busy time of the year) let's take a moment to review your year. We know it's been quite a year globally, politically, socially and in terms of the economy. But [...]

2016 Review & You

As the year begins to close, Coach- Speaker -Author Rasheed Ogunlaru invites and guides you through a quick, insightful review of your year. The review will help you identify your personal and business / career accomplishments, challenges, learning this year - and will help you identify priorities and action to take to help you progress [...]

Material – Emotional – Spiritual

In this Soul Trader podcast, coach - speaker - author Rasheed Ogunlaru explores the material, emotional  and spiritual dimensions of life and business - and highlights the importance of being aware of and balancing them. "Too often the logical and business-minded overlook the purpose, life balance and inner  aspects of life - while meanwhile the [...]

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Happy 4th Birthday Soul Trader … FREE Webinar + special event

Our internationally acclaimed book Soul Trader - Putting the Heart Back into Your Business  turns four years old this month and we'd like to say a huge thank you to ....YOU. Soul Trader - Putting the Heart Back into Your Business by Rasheed Ogunlaru We'd like to thank you for: buying & reading the book, listening [...]

Your words and deeds

"What people say and think about you when you've left the room is your job while your in it" - Rasheed Ogunlaru In this insightful Soul Trader podcast leading life coach - speaker - business coach, Rasheed Ogunlaru explores the importance of our words and deeds. Apologies for the moments of sound interference on this [...]

Your legacy while you are here

“Legacy is not what's left tomorrow when you're gone. It's what you give, create, impact and contribute today while you're here that then happens to live on.”- Rasheed Ogunlaru In this touching and enriching Soul Trader podcast, Rasheed Ogunlaru, author of Soul Trader - Putting the Heart Back Into Your Business reminds us how precious [...]

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Mastering your craft 2: Tips for consultants & for business

In the second "Mastering Your Craft" interview, Coach / speaker, Rasheed Ogunlaru author of Soul Trader -Putting the Heart Back into Your Business talks to business coach / International Management Consultant, Julio Graham.Julio has worked with international organisations -through to emerging business- for the last 25+ years helping them flourish, grow and overcome various challenges. [...]

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