I’m very mindful that wellbeing is essential to life balance. As an solo-preneur, sole trader, small business owner, self employed person it’s impossible to overstate how important a good level of health and wellbeing is. Mindful of this I decided to once again interview holistic wellbeing coach, Adam Cox to gain some top tips from his new book Back to Brilliant which explores health and wellbeing holistically: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Adam first of all talks a bit about his own journey and his own work helping people to regain better health, fitness and wellbeing and then he goes on to share some top tips. Adam highlights that common issues like back pain, poor digestion, poor sleep and stressful shoulders can all link to us picking up bad habits and addressing issues like eating, fitness and emotional wellbeing separately and superficially. Adam’s 5 steps explored in his book:

  1. Reconnect: connecting back to yourself and a healthy mindset
  2. Rebalance: getting breathing, eating and sleep back in balance
  3. Re-align:  getting you posture back on track
  4. Rebuild: building fitness and strength from reconnecting, re-balance and re-aligning
  5. Recover: staying healthy and recovering and re-setting your wellbeing.

 To find out more about Adam’s work visit his website