Just how do you start and grow your product business? How do you get it to market market and stand out from the crowd when your a small business, micro business or sole trader? Starting a food, drink or any kind of product business can be hugely daunting. There’s countless logistics to consider from research, development right through to marketing and sales.

So here in this latest inspiring interview – and business impact video, Rasheed Ogunlaru, author of Soul Trader interviews marketing expert Tessa Stuart, marketing / branding expert and author of “Flying Off the Shelves” who has helped scores of budding entrepreneurs do just that – particularly in the food and drink business.

Whilst Tessa particularly covers food businesses here, much of this priceless advice applies to any product. The advice Tessa gives here is absolutely priceless. For more information on Tessa and her work visit her website http://www.tessastuart.co.uk