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I'm very mindful that wellbeing is essential to life balance. As an solo-preneur, sole trader, small business owner, self employed person it's impossible to overstate how important a good level of health and wellbeing is. Mindful of this I decided to once again interview holistic wellbeing coach, Adam Cox to gain some top tips from [...]

What does wellbeing and life balance mean to you?

One of the biggest challenges being your own boss is life balance. The fact is that there are always things that you could be doing or that you feel that you should be doing. But without that time for you, your health, your own life and relationships then everything can come crashing down. Questions: * [...]

5 essential life balance tips…

  Time for you Being your own boss with a busy business there can be a huge temptation to plough on through summer without a break. But it’s essential that you take time out. Whether you go on vacation on stay-cation it’s important that you relax, recharge and regroup. This is one of the few [...]

Your health and fitness in business

How important is health and fitness in running a business? Barely a week goes by without there being a report about the state of the nations health, a sedentary lifestyles, the stresses in the workplace and business and so on. So when you put these things together you can see why being mindful about your [...]

Your self, your health, your mindset

Being your own boss requires a lot of energy, enthusiasm and stamina. There can also be lots of pressures and stresses. And if your not careful you can find that your health can become very adversely affected by how you are pushing yourself and how you are responding to what's happening in your business, personal [...]

5 aspects of love & relationships

When we think of relationships. more often than not we think of romance, Valentine’s Day and finding that perfect match. The reality is that there’s much more to relationships than this. Here are my five tips to help you move on up in love. Step 1 | Self love The first step to a rich, joyful [...]

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10 minute relaxation / meditation

Even if you're very mindful and heart-centred there can and will be times where running your business / practice will get tiring, trying, taxing and testing. There will be times where there are all sorts of demands, pressures and issues that need to be addressed, managed and balanced. Be it challenges at home, with customers, [...]

From stress to peace and happiness

It’s interesting to note that one of the main reasons we choose to become our own boss is to reduce the stress, unhappiness and structure of being employed and gain more freedom, balance and pleasure. Yet what can so easily happen – if you’re not really careful - is that you step out from a [...]

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How’s your health?

By it’s nature business brings busyness. It’s the root of the where the word business is derived from. On the one hand being busy can keep you fit and active. It can keep you moving and can keep your mind and body active. That said without mindfulness, attention, rest and breaks you can find yourself [...]

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