Seasons Change

Welcome back to the Soul Trader podcast series. This latest podcast - recorded at the change in season as Autumn/Fall begins - is all about change: the seasons changing, changes that may be happening in your business, industry, customer changes, your  home/ personal  life - changes in your changes that you wish to make or [...]

Your 10 Min Business Review: 2016 & You

So here we are heading into the final days of the year. Before you shut up shop and relax (or get ready for your most busy time of the year) let's take a moment to review your year. We know it's been quite a year globally, politically, socially and in terms of the economy. But [...]

Your life, your business

We only start a become or own boss or start a business because of how it chimes with us as part of what we want to achieve or enjoy as part of our lives as a whole. But for some reason we often forget this in all the busy-ness.

Fear & courage in life & business

Having doubts and fears are commonplace along the journey of being your own boss. Finding the courage to start out, leave an often comfortable job and to walk and grow the uncertain path of being in business can be daunting.

Meet Dragon’s Den Winner Thierry Giunta, Founder BeamBlock Yoga

Last week I caught up with yoga teacher turned  entrepreneur Thierry Giunta who many of you may recognise from the current series of BBC Dragon's Den where he won investment from three of the well known investor entrepreneurs including Peter Jones. Thierry has had quite a remarkable life journey with many ups a downs. Born into a [...]

Have you got what it takes?

Are you cut out to be your own boss? Is running a business really right for you? How do you know? How can your find out without taking a bit financial, emotional and physical toll on you? Every year I meet lots of people who are dreaming, thinking about or actually starting out as their [...]

What you win when you lose!

Even the greatest of champions suffer defeats. As a life / business coach - as I might if I were a sporting coach - I work with those who may win a race one day and lose the next. Life by it's very nature has it's ups a downs. In the Courage chapter when I talk [...]

Your life’s work

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