Your life, your business

We only start a become or own boss or start a business because of how it chimes with us as part of what we want to achieve or enjoy as part of our lives as a whole. But for some reason we often forget this in all the busy-ness.

Going with your flow

We hear a lot about going with the flow. This is very important indeed but how attuned are you to your own flow? It's in the alignment and merging of the two that real magic can happen in your life, business and career.

Review your year, improve next year

I just want to invite you to pause for 10 minutes to quickly reflect, review and re-trace the last year in your business order that we can take the learning into the next. I'm writing this post in the closing days of one year and what can easily happen is that we fail to just [...]

Take flight: Kell Ryan Co-Founder of RyanAir

A few years ago I hosted the launch of one of my contacts' businesses. There I was introduced to Kell Ryan, Co-Founder of RyanAir whose brother, the late Tony Ryan, was the visionary founder behind the airline. What instantly impressed me about Kell was not just the remarkable family success story but more importantly his warmth, [...]

What you win when you lose!

Even the greatest of champions suffer defeats. As a life / business coach - as I might if I were a sporting coach - I work with those who may win a race one day and lose the next. Life by it's very nature has it's ups a downs. In the Courage chapter when I talk [...]

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