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2016 Review & You

As the year begins to close, Coach- Speaker -Author Rasheed Ogunlaru invites and guides you through a quick, insightful review of your year. The review will help you identify your personal and business / career accomplishments, challenges, learning this year - and will help you identify priorities and action to take to help you progress [...]

Happy 4th Birthday Soul Trader … FREE Webinar + special event

Our internationally acclaimed book Soul Trader - Putting the Heart Back into Your Business  turns four years old this month and we'd like to say a huge thank you to ....YOU. Soul Trader - Putting the Heart Back into Your Business by Rasheed Ogunlaru We'd like to thank you for: buying & reading the book, listening [...]


confidence and focus) is one the biggest and most common issues/ challenges that sole traders, small business owners mention to me when they attend my workshops, talks, masterclasses - and when they approach me for coaching. It is something that affects those at the pre-start, start-up and growth stages of business / being your own boss. Your energy, effectiveness, success and happiness are all linked to it and affected by it. So how do you motivate yourself and others be it potential customers, contacts, colleagues, suppliers or staff and partners? The key to motivation is knowing what your - and others motives, drivers, desires, values, priorities and purpose is - and honouring and working from this powerful place. Rich, sustained, compassionate motivation is a hallmark of the Soul Trader.

Going with your flow

We hear a lot about going with the flow. This is very important indeed but how attuned are you to your own flow? It's in the alignment and merging of the two that real magic can happen in your life, business and career.

Happy Birthday

We're very excited to announce that our much-loved book Soul Trader - Putting the Heart Back into Your Business celebrates its third birthday this month and has just turned three. We want to thank the thousands of people who have bought, read and listened to the book ...and everyone shared it, reviewed it, recommended it, [...]

Back to Business…

Slowing down

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