Rasheed Ogunlaru coach/ speaker and author of Soul Trader meets Tom & Nic Ray founders of Resilience & Co. Tom and Nic’s lives were turned upside down when Tom was struck with Sepsis a severe condition that strikes over 150,000 in the UK alone from which many do not survive without swift and urgent care. It can kill you within 12 hours. Tom was in a coma for 4 month, lost both his arms and legs and part of his face to the sepsis. Gradually they rebuilt their lives….

Today Tom and Nic work as motivational speakers, have written a book called Starfish after the film Starfish was made about their story. Here is their journey in their own words. For more information or speaking bookings visit http://www.resilienceand.co (from Aug 15 2017) to find out more about Sepsis or to make a donation to the Sepsis Trust visit http://www.sepsistrust.org Twitter https://twitter.com/tomray99 https://twitter.com/RayHudsonandray

Just click on the video above to watch part one and you can watch part 2 here on YouTube.